3 Sure Ways To Fail As A Network Marketer (revised)

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mistake imageToday I am going to expose a few of the BIGGEST mistakes that people make as a network marketer when joining a business opportunity in the MLM (multi level marketing) industry. There seems to be more business opportunities out there over the internet than the population of people that are living in the world. So to help you make a wise decision before marrying the wrong mlm company I have compiled only a handful of the most important things that should help you discern which ones are the scams, and the ones that are legit.


Contract image

Experts claim that 90 percent of network marketers who joins an mlm business opportunity does NOT ask to read the company’s “policy and procedures,”  which is your contract, (for affiliate programs its something similar), and about 80 percent of network marketers are not aware. This is where a lot of people in mlm get hurt, and most times are scammed because they simply just don’t ask to read their contract. So lets say you want to join an mlm business opportunity called Vitamark.com for example; First thing a network marketer should do is find the policy and procedure by either requesting it, or you can attempt to do a search on Google for example; www.vitamark.com/policyandprocedure and you may find it. Your contract should be short and easy to understand. IMPORTANT!, if an mlm company does not have the policy and procedure, RUN…RUN away as fast as you can because this is a good indicator that the mlm business opportunity you are about to join is a “scam”

                                                   NEVER JOIN A STARTUP COMPANY

Caution image To me it is a bad idea for a network marketer to join an mlm startup company since it’s already been proven that most mlm startup companies fail within 2yrs and only about 10% survive beyound the 2 years. If a company has been around for a couple of years it is always a great idea to do a thorough research on the company, find out the owner’s reputation, his management experience, and other companies the owner may have been associated with. As a network marketer it is important that you be in the know.


Do the people in your upline encourage you to buy leads? Don’t waste your money buying leads because you’ll be sorry you did, and I’ll explain why. Do you ever check your email and wonder how the heck you get solicitations from other network marketers on things you never signed up for? Hmm. Lets say you join in on a scandalous business opportunity disguised as a legit mlm company, and you find people to help build your downline and so forth. Usually you sign up with an e-mail address, and phone number (optional) so basically speaking the company is building a data base full of people’s email addresses and when the company goes out of business (usually when they built a huge database), or by the time you find out it is a scam, the company is already making a huge profit by selling all those email addresses to another company, and in turn tries to sell those leads to other network marketers, WOW. If those are quality leads than why is the company selling those leads instead of keeping those leads for themselves?

                                                    HOW TO IDENTIFY A SCAM

Scam pixIf you were an attorney general you would ask these 2 questions:

  1.  Would a person with some logic thinking waste this much money for the service or product if there           was not a business opportunity involved?

22. When the recruiting stops does the income stop?

ifif you answered no to the first question and/or you answered yes to the second question than it is a ffscam.

ggP.S: If you are looking for more information that backs up the content you just read then you may   ffffffffff click on this link to find out more .


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